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Public grants and subsidies

See the “Budgets,” section in the following document: GENERAL STATE BUDGET FOR 2015 / OPERATING BUDGET “INCOME STATEMENT” / A) ONGOING OPERATIONS /1.- REVENUES FROM OWN BUSINESS/ c) Subsidies, donations and bequests included as surplus from the financial year


2015 Capital Budgets

2015 Operating Budget

Audited annual accounts

Auditor’s report on annual financial statement. 2015 financial year

Senior management salaries

In accordance with the Ministry for the Treasury and Public Administrations’ order of 12 April, 2012, by means of which approval was given to the classification of state-level public sector foundations in compliance with royal decree 451/2012, regulating the payments regime for heads and senior managers in public sector businesses and other entities, the Thyssen Bornemisza Collection Foundation is classified in the 2nd group, such that yearly fees received by the Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Thyssen Bornemisza Foundation, are comprised of a basic minimum statutory payment of 52,000 euros, a post-based component worth up to a maximum value of 60 percent of basic pay, and a variable component worth up to a maximum value of 40% of basic pay.